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Maybe you've just bought ConvertKit. Yeah! Congrats. You are super geeked (excited) BUT you don't have time or the desire to learn it right now.  You're eager to get everything moved over and you need help. 

Or  maybe you have the ConvertKit thing down but you want more! You want to grow your list.  You want to turn strangers into leads, leads into customers and customers into  lifelong raving fans. Cool. Let's make that happen. 

Try ConvertKit for  30 days for free

If you're still not sure ConvertKit is right for you, then try it at no risk to you!  
I have personally used MailChimp, aWeber, InfusionSoft,  ConstantContact and Robly;
and I LOVE ConvertKit. 

Let's get into the details

How can I help?

Migration to ConvertKit

Work Done for You!
Your Time & Effort
Personal Time with Me

What's in it for you?

  • 3 lists or 3,000 users  migrated
  • 3 sequences created/migrated
  • 6 Automation Rules
  • Create 3  Opt-in Forms & Connect to your website
  • Video Recording of your setup

Who  needs this: New to ConvertKit and you need to migrate but just don't have the time. I gotchu!

The details

Price: $597

Time to deliver:  1 week

Limited Availability

How can I help?

Migration & More

Work Done for You!
Personal Time with Me
Your Time & Effort

What's in it for you?

  • 10 lists or 10,000 users  migrated
  • 5 sequences created/migrated
  • 10 Automation Rules
  • Create 5  Opt-in Forms & Connect them to your site
  • Review 3 email sequences (existing  or new)
  • Review  3  emails (existing or new)
  • 30 minute session to review your ConvertKit setup
  • 30 minute session to review online (website, SEO, online marketing) recommendations

Who  needs this: Want to migrate to ConvertKit with help & you need expert eyes on what you are doing/have done.

The details

Price: $997

Time to deliver:  2-3 weeks

Now Available!

How can I help?

Migration & Strategy

Work Done for You!
Personal Time with Me
Your Time & Effort

What's in it for you?

  • Migration Services listed above
  • Review business process, presence, activity today
  • Get more done - Create processes & systems to automate so you can scale
  • Improve  Customer Value - Define or refine the Customer Journey & Experience with you and your online brand and then, focus on growing your list.
  • Increase Reach - Determine best marketing and growth methods to amplify your brand, message, or mission online.
  • Increase Sales - Review your website and provide conversion (how many people buy) analysis and create a plan to improve your website pages.
  • Get more traffic - Review Google Analytics to determine SEO (search engine optimization aka how people find you when they Google a problem, solution or question) and recommend improvements.

Who  needs this: You have clients, you have revenue but you're not sure you are focusing on the right efforts, to the right people with the right message to reach new clients online. You have a website, maybe a few blogs but you are not getting the traffic and the leads to make it worth your time.

The details

Prices starting at $2,500.

Time to deliver:  4-6 weeks

Limited to 2 clients p/month

Note about packages:  These prices are based on a typical  business email system. If you have a highly complex process, email sequence or heavy automation, then the price may increase. Prior to starting a project, please complete this questionnaire.

Those don't fit? Try this on for size.

Rapid Fire Hour

You tackled this project with Google and a bottle of wine by your side. You think it looks good buuuuuut... you just want  someone  that does this for a living to bless it or tell you what to change. 

Services provided:

  • ConvertKit Analysis
  • Website Analysis
  • SEO Analysis
  • Email Marketing Analysis
  • Opt-in/Lead Magnet/Content Upgraded Analysis
  • Copy Analysis
  • And much more. I wanted to forego the Analysis Paralysis.

Price: $197/hour (1 hour minimum)

Strategic Consulting

You have an established website, you have customers, you have emails but  you hit a  plateau.  You need to  step it up a level but you don't know where to start,  what to do and how to get there.  

Strategic Services provided:

  • Launch Strategy
  • Business Strategy
  • Marketing (Social Media, SEO, Influencer, Amplification)
  • Online Presence & Brand Awareness/Recognition
  • Anything that has the word ware in it (Software, Hardware, etc-ware).

Price: $397/hour  

Make it Happen Session

You know time is money and you need more of both. You need to just get some shit done, like yesterday.

This session is a 3 hour intensive session together.

Make It Happen Session:

  • Pick my brain
  • Review Technology or Processes
  • Strategies to fill your biggest gaps
  • Discuss any areas that I specialize in (look to your left for services).
  • Action plan provided afterwards

Price:  $997/per session

Still not sure if we are right for each other? No worries. Click here to find out.

Kalyn Johnson ChandlerFounder, Effie's Paper

Bethanie is  hands down the most brilliant person that I have  worked with in technology. She was the first person that explained things to me in  terms that I could actually understand. She knows so many different software programs and is incredibly resourceful. She has given valuable insights with not only technology, but launching and business strategy. She ceases to amaze me!

I've taken those same techniques I have used for my clients and affordably support
and teach entrepreneurs   to be more effective with  automated processes and systems.

My job is to make your life easier by saving you time  so you can make more money!

‚ÄčAbout Me

My entrepreneurial journey started with my newspaper route at 9 years old.
I would wake up at 5AM every single day!  Who does that at 9? I did.
And that hustle mentality has been in full swing ever since. I ended up in tech while working as a senior in high school. 25 years later, here I am; coaching World changing business owners like you. I teach you the technology you need to scale your business and give you the time you only imagined since starting your businesses.

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