Imagine a life where you have more...


Now that you don't have the techno monkey on your back, you can get real work  done.  That's right my friend, you have won the tech time lottery and you can now focus on what really matters.

What could you do with an extra 30 minutes a day?  Create that new service, write your newsletters,  create your customer journey.  You have time to be  truly awesome! Let's do this!


Do you have an external drive?  Cool.  It is secure?  Uh....NOT cool.  No seriously.  You can't risk losing your data, much less your clients!  The chances   of someone stealing or hacking your drives, homes, phones and computers aren't as slim as you may think.

Knowing that your data files, your client's data and everything  in between is safe, is a load off your shoulders.  

Magic, Magic, Magic

This stuff is magic.  No really it is!!!  Imagine that things just happen.  Emails are automatically sent  every week. Newsletter subscribers are signing up and diggin' what you sent them. Your social media ads are killing it and you followers are growing mad fast.  Your website is so amazing people think you actually hired a graphic designer (and you did it all by yourself).  Technology has changed your life and you love it!

Save Time &  Make More Money
by using technology to make your biz life easier!

ConvertKit is an email marketing automation software can help you build a stronger relationship with customers and helps you turn leads into  prospects into customers.  I use ConvertKit and love it!
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My entrepreneurial journey started with my newspaper route at 9 years old.

I would wake up at 5AM every single day!

Who does that at 9 years old?

I did.

And that hustle mentality has been in full swing ever since.

I ended up in tech while working as a senior in high school. 25 years later, here I am; coaching World changing business owners like you.

I teach you the technology you need to scale your business and give you the time you only imagined since starting your businesses.